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Gold Coins

Elevate Your Investment Portfolio with Our Premium Gold Coins

In the dynamic landscape of investments, Bar Harbor Coin & PMX stands as the premier destination for those in pursuit of the stability inherent in traditional gold, coupled with the financial and historical allure presented by gold coins. Our extensive collection serves as a dependable choice for substantial financial growth and establishes a tangible link to history.

At Bar Harbor Coin & PMX , we firmly believe that each coin in our collection tells a compelling story, echoing the enduring resilience of precious metals across the centuries. Gold coins, steeped in the history of ancient civilizations, have functioned as a medium of exchange for generations.

Your Trusted Companion in Gold Coin and Bullion Transactions

As a reputable dealer with a rich legacy of facilitating seamless transactions, Bar Harbor Coin & PMX  stands as your dependable partner in the intricate realm of gold coins and bullion. Our team of experts possesses a profound understanding of the market, ensuring that you make informed decisions that align seamlessly with your financial aspirations.

Invest with Confidence, Embracing Comfort and Security

Experience the ease of secure online transactions, complete with encrypted payments and insured shipping. For a more personalized approach, engage in in-person transactions at our secure locations, where safety and respect take precedence. Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to address any queries, ensuring that your investment journey is not only informed but also seamlessly executed.

Exquisite Gold Coin Mints - Tailored to Your Preferences

We present an extensive array of gold coins sourced from renowned and meticulously curated mints around the globe, each with its unique history and design. Below are some of the coins we offer, accompanied by intriguing facts about their origins and significance.

United States Mint

American Gold Eagles

Available in diverse sizes, these gold coins are meticulously crafted with 91.67% pure gold and a trace of alloy, resulting in exceptionally durable coins resistant to scratches and marring, enhancing their resale value.

Gold American Buffalo

Trailblazing the realm of pure gold, this limited edition 24-karat coin showcases the iconic design of the American buffalo and Native American warrior. These coins rank among the most coveted and sought-after productions from the U.S. Mint.

Royal Canadian Mint

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Featuring the iconic Maple Leaf design symbolizing Canadian identity, these coins are meticulously crafted with 99.99% pure gold, earning global recognition for their outstanding purity and quality.

Call of the Wild Series

Distinguished by exceptional purity at 999.99/1000 gold, this series features captivating nature images like the Howling Wolf, Roaring Grizzly, and Majestic Elk, setting them apart from most gold coins.

Royal Australian Mint & Perth Mint

Lunar Series

Immerse yourself in artistic lunar designs, with each series representing a different lunar year and featuring animals from the Chinese Zodiac. These coins hold not just investment value but also cultural significance, making them exceedingly valuable collectibles.

Gold Kangaroo

Witness the majesty of Australia's national symbol, the Kangaroo, crafted in various sizes with 99.99% pure gold. These coins, first minted in 1989, are the inaugural gold bullion coins commemorating this unique animal.

UK Royal Mint - British Gold Britannia

Appreciate the elegance of the golden Britannia coins, first minted in 1987. Crafted with 22-karat fine gold and available in varying sizes, these coins seamlessly blend history with modern design.

South African Mint - South African Gold Krugerrand

Opt for the most recognized gold coin, a symbol of South African history minted since 1967. Featuring former President Paul Kruger and the Springbok antelope, these coins are crafted with 91.67% pure gold.

Austrian Mint - Modern Re-strikes

Delve into history with these re-strikes, recalling the currency reform of 1892. Collectors value these coins for their historical significance.

Austrian Gold Philharmonic

Experience the harmonious blend of music and wealth with this coin, carrying immense cultural value alongside its wealth status. Notably, it holds historical significance as the first legal tender gold coin denominated in Euros.

Chinese Mint - Chinese Gold Panda

Marvel at the ever-changing designs of the Panda, showcasing the creative prowess of the Chinese Mint. These coins stand out as artistic expressions and are unique as the first gold bullion coins to vary their main motif's design.

Mexican Mint - Gold Libertad

Celebrate Mexican liberty with this captivating coin featuring the Winged Victory statue. A tribute to Mexico's struggle for freedom.

Mexico Peso Gold Coin

Explore various editions of this historic coin, first minted in 1982, each boasting a unique design.